Mar 6, 2008

Building multi-point routes

Our new interface lets you easily plan and reorder trips with up to 10 stops. Here’s a quick glance on how to use the multi-point routing features:

First off, generate a route by entering two locations in the directions form, then click “Get Directions”.

Select “Add Another Stop to Your Route” in the section below your written directions right above your map. Type in the business name and/or location in the two boxes in the tan section. You can use this tool to add locations for up to 10 stops to your route.

Add another stop

Your route map and directions will show each segment with stops designated by letters A, B, C, etc.

Add another stop

You can collapse or expand the text view each segment in your written directions by clicking on the arrow beside the start of each segment label.

Collapse directions

To edit locations or remove points along your route, click the “Edit” and “Remove” buttons located to the right of each stop in your text directions.

Edit a location

You can also use the “Move up” and “Move Down” tools to reorder your stops in your route.

Move up and move down

In the next post, we’ll describe improvements to our printer friendly pages and how you can customize what you print to take on the road!