Mar 19, 2008

The New MapQuest Toolbar

If you’re like most MapQuest users, you don’t just come to MapQuest once or twice a month – you get maps and directions on an ongoing basis. With our new MapQuest Toolbar you can have easy access to the most useful MapQuest features right on your browser at all times.
Traffic Sample

The Toolbar has one-click quick links to Maps, Directions and a Web search capability. But perhaps one of the most convenient features is the quick link to our new Real Time Traffic feature.

Traffic on Toolbar

Just choose one of more than 80 cities across the US and you’ll quickly click to real time traffic in your area at any time. Check it before you leave for work or before an important appointment. You’ll now be able to see congestion before you hop on a highway and choose an alternative route.

You probably already have one or maybe more toolbars on your browser but do you use all the features they bring? Use a Toolbar where you know you’ll get the most use out of the handy features it provides right at your fingertips.

Try out the Toolbar now!