Mar 31, 2008

MapQuest to Add Send to GPS Feature for Garmin Devices

If you’re a gadget geek like me, you probably love Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs, for those in the business). Having a GPS in your car is like having your buddy that knows where everything is, and can tell you which exit to take in order to get around the evening rush hour. But searching for an address on a 4 inch screen as you’re cooking down the interstate at 60 mph isn’t exactly “safe”. So, we made it easy for you to plan on, from the comfort of your home computer.

Send to GPS

Introducing our new “Send to GPS” web feature: coming in April, we’ll be adding a simple drop-down link to our search results pages that allow you to download destinations or itineraries to your Garmin GPS device, and take them with you on the road. We’ve teamed up with Garmin Ltd., one of the best-known brands in navigation, to sync up the 16 million points of interests on to dozens of their most popular devices.

Even though you’ve traded your printer for a GPS gadget to help you find places, you can still rely on MapQuest to make your travels safer and more convenient. To check compatible Garmin devices and to download the Garmin Communicator plug-in, check out all the details on our Send to GPS feature page.

Happy travels.