May 29, 2008

MapQuest Launches Send to OnStar

MapQuest is pleased to announce the general release of OnStar eNav, an online destination planning service that allows OnStar subscribers to send locations to the Turn-by-Turn Navigation Service in their OnStar vehicle. In the weeks leading up to launch, we’ve had all kinds of folks taking eNav out for a ‘test drive’. One of our Product guys, Marshall, sent us a note about his experience, and it sounded so good I decided to share it with the MapQuest Blog:

Send destinations from MapQuest to OnStar eNav

“Friday night at 6:30pm, I used the Send To OnStar server and added a Chili’s Restaurant, a soccer field, and my home to my OnStar address book using the Send To OnStar anchors on the MQ pages.

I hopped in the car, connected to Virtual Advisor and asked for Chili’s… the directions were downloaded quickly and the route was perfect! After a Coke (hahaha), I then asked for “Soccer” (which I had used as the label for Amos Herr Park) and again the system worked flawlessly, including using a shortcut that I know! Finally, the wife and I swapped cars and I showed her how to use the system… she asked for “Home” and, once again, the system performed perfectly!

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. Our car doesn’t have a nav system – but it did come with OnStar and thru the radio and the eNav service, and it’s almost as good as the $3000 Nav system option!”

Thanks for the great feedback, Marshall! To check out more details about OnStar eNav from MapQuest, check out the Send to OnStar page.