Aug 14, 2008

Gas Prices Now Instantly Show Up Near You

With gas prices being top of everyone’s mind, you’ll be glad to know MapQuest just made finding cheap gas in your city easier. We’ve updated the Gas Prices home page to show prices at gas stations right near your current location. Even if you haven’t set a default location with MapQuest, we’ll try to determine a location near you and show the three lowest priced stations in your area.

Local gas prices shown by default

For an even more local view, the Gas Prices home page will use your home or work location if you have set a default on

Set your home and work locations in the If you don’t already have a home or work default assigned, just go to the MapQuest Settings page. Or, find it by clicking on the “Saved & Recent” area in the Maps form area and input your home or work default.

Go look for cheap gas now by visiting MapQuest Gas Prices or click on the Gas Prices icon in the MapQuest header.