Aug 22, 2008

MapQuest Adds More Content in Select Search Results

MapQuest has partnered with Citysearch to bring users rich content about the places in their neighborhood. Reviews, menus, photos and more are now available for select listings. For example you’re looking for restaurants in New York City you’ll notice some new icons on the map. When you click on them you’ll see the details of the business as well as photographs, reviews, menus, offers and a message from the business that highlights their products and services.

As well, when these specific listings appear within the search results on MapQuest they are highlighted with their name being blue underlined and they have a “more info” link to indicate to the user that we have additional information about the business that you can explore. Also, on the map are large information windows to contain this rich data and a profile page that appears when you click the business name of an advertiser. You can also print this information out and take it with you on new printer friendly pages for directions or just a map of the business.

We hope you enjoy the new comprehensive data that these specific listings offer to you. Look for more listings in the future!