Aug 26, 2008

The MapQuest Beta Part I: Check It Out!

Today we begin the launch of the new MapQuest Beta. I say “begin” because over the next few months we’ll be enhancing your maps and directions experience by adding more location-relevant content, features and search capabilities.

You can find the Beta site simply by clicking on the link at the top of the home page.

As Christian, our General Manager, always says, “Our mission is to provide the best user experience to find where it is, how I get there and what’s nearby or along my way.” I am confident with these changes you’ll see that MapQuest will become even more useful to you on a daily basis.

Today’s Beta launch is focused on the new MapQuest home, maps and directions form pages. One quick look at the new home page and you’ll see we have retained your favorite features while revamping the page from top to bottom starting with a refreshed logo and a crisper look and feel.

New to the home page is a map. But, it’s not just a map, it’s a map that contains location-relevant content that you can toggle on and off like gas prices, local traffic and current weather. The map location is defaulted to your current location or personal settings.

We’ve also streamlined the address input forms based on popular demand from our users, adding the ability to copy and paste an address into one field.

There is so much more to tell you – but I’ll let my MapQuest colleagues give you more details and highlights in Part II from Product Manager, Chip Diffendaffer and Part III from Senior Designer, Gavin Graham.

So please take some time to explore the new Beta pages and check back often as we’ll be rolling out more exciting features soon! And of course, as always, give us your thoughts and feedback.

Happy Mapping!

Mark Law
VP of Product