Oct 20, 2008

By Popular Demand… An Optimal iPhone Browsing Experience

MapQuest users have come to rely on the quality and accuracy of MapQuest results no matter where they are — which is why we are delighted to introduce MapQuest optimized for the iPhone. We have served millions of requests for MapQuest from iPhone and iPod browsers and now those results will be presented in a fast, easy-to-use way specifically for the iPhone.

MapQuest Web Application for iPhone

Now you can pinch, flick, and tap your way to your destination on MapQuest.com! Our new iPhone interface includes the same features that MapQuest provides on the full-browser experience. Driving Directions, Maps, Local Search, Traffic, Recent Locations, and Cheapest Gas Prices, with more enhancements showing up automatically in the near future. No downloads needed!

How do I get there?

Easy. Just type mapquest.com into your iPhone or iPod Touch Safari Browser. We’ll detect that you are coming from an iPhone and know to send you directly to our iPhone web interface.

Once there, you can tap the “+” at the bottom of your screen and select “Add to Home Screen” to place a shortcut icon on your iPhone’s main menu screen. You’ll then see the MapQuest Star icon on your screen for easy access back to MapQuest.

We hope you enjoy the user experience of MapQuest for iPhone. Remember to look for more features coming soon!