Nov 13, 2008

MapQuest 4 Mobile Now Available on AT&T BlackBerry Bold; new Verizon and T-Mobile RIM Devices

A “bold” new MapQuest – new device builds keep coming! Thousands of BlackBerry users have taken advantage of the great new mobile application, MapQuest 4 Mobile Beta.

We appreciate all the positive feedback our loyal users are providing. But since its debut, the most common question we get is, “When will it be available for my handset?” Rest assured we’re working hard to add new devices on a continuing basis!

This week we’re introducing the AT&T BlackBerry Bold; Verizon BlackBerry 8830, 8330; & T-Mobile BlackBerry 8300, 8800, and 8820.

MapQuest 4 Mobile Beta is already available for the BlackBerry 8830 on Sprint, and the 8310, 8800, and 8820 models for AT&T.

If you have a compatible phone, try out the MapQuest 4 Mobile application. It’s FREE, easy to use, and offers valuable features such as maps, directions, local business search and more. See more information.

That’s all 4 now. Keep checking back 4 updates and great new features in the next few weeks!