Dec 17, 2008

Locations Along Your Route

My MapQuest, expanded MQ 4 Mobile, Draggable Routes, MapQuest Local…with so many great new products and features launching lately, we almost forgot to mention one of our coolest new additions.

Showing specific business locations on a map is of course an important capability. But since many MapQuest users come to us mainly for driving directions, we thought showing locations along your route would be helpful too!

Scenario 1:
You live in Colorado Springs and are planning a snowboarding trip to Telluride, but want to spend a day exploring Mesa Verde National Park first. You like staying at Holiday Inns and want to know what options are convenient to the Park.

Scenario 2:
You are a Titans fan planning a trip from Nashville to Indy to the see the season finale vs. Peyton Manning and the Colts. You need to find Walmart along the way to stock up on tailgating supplies.

You can change your view using the “Show on Map” legend which appears in the lower right corner of your map. Alternate display options include showing business locations near a route stop or within the visible map area (enabled only at certain zoom levels).

Our thanks to Walmart and Holiday Inn for their charter sponsorship of this new feature. We will be extending the Locations Along Route capability to other types of searches in the near future, so stay tuned!

For more information about MapQuest Business Locator and other advertising programs, click here.