Jan 29, 2009

MapQuest Local for iPhone

My Name is Larry; I use an iPhone

Since getting an iPhone, I’ve started leaving the laptop at home when I travel. While visiting family in Indiana for the holidays, I discovered that MapQuest Local was in need of a few enhancements when viewed on the iPhone. One of the great things about being a developer for MapQuest is having the ability to do something about this; I wanted to make MapQuest Local a first class citizen on the iPhone. So now, with the support of both the Mobile and Local teams, you can now see MapQuest Local as part of the MapQuest.com experience.

iphone local location bar

Local, Wherever You Are

iphone local menuWhenever you type http://local.mapquest.com into the address bar on Mobile Safari, you’ll find that you can now view MapQuest Local. Additionally, you can also visit http://www.mapquest.com and find Local as a new item listed in the dropdown menu.

With MapQuest Local, you can find a place to eat, a movie to see afterwards, and check current traffic incidents all while on the go. It seamlessly integrates with MapQuest experience on the iPhone, so you can get directions and view maps of where you’re going. Also, we’ve only included the content and links to our content partners with mobile-friendly sites.

iphone yelp example

Look for additional content and features on MapQuest Local and our Mobile products in the near future.