Feb 23, 2009

Access Saved Maps & Routes from your phone using MapQuest 4 Mobile

Just in time for Spring Break planning, we have introduced a fantastic new feature to our popular MapQuest 4 Mobile application. Now you can view saved maps and routes stored within your MapQuest.com My Places account (formerly My MapQuest) on your BlackBerry Smartphone…right within our MapQuest 4 Mobile product.

With Spring Break on the horizon, lets say you are taking the family to your favorite Colorado ski resort to ski and snowboard for the week. As it is your first time to this specific resort, you don’t exactly have a good idea where to eat, find your hotel and make the Gondola run by 9am.

In planning for this trip, you’d probably plan out your directions for the various places you’re going on MapQuest.com and print them out to review on the way (assuming you don’t lose them along the way or leave them on the dresser at home!).

While this scenario is the tried and true way MapQuest has helped people over the years, it relies heavily on the fact that you carry the printed directions with you at all points throughout the trip.

Let’s rewind a bit and assume you have a BlackBerry Smartphone and have created a My Places account on MapQuest.com. Those maps and routes you created above? Well, instead of printing them, you saved them to your My Places account with all the details you need for eating, skiing, and sleeping during your vacation. Now, let’s also assume that you have downloaded the new MapQuest 4 Mobile application with the new My Places feature to your trusty BlackBerry. As you are the consummate planner, you fire-up your phone, launch the MapQuest 4 Mobile application and login to your My Places account to find the maps you saved earlier—right where they should be!

mq4m my places

With your trusty maps and locations always in your hand, you scurry-off to your snow filled destination ready for such questions as, “Where is the restaurant from our hotel?”, “How do we get from our hotel to the gondola?” And should you find something new along the way, you can easily save that location to a map within the MapQuest 4 Mobile application— ready for next year’s return visit!

To download the MapQuest 4 Mobile application, visit m.mq4m on your BlackBerry today! Or for more information go to www.mapquest.com/mq4m. Don’t have a My Places account on MapQuest.com? Click here to sign-up and start saving your maps and routes for your next big (or small) trip.