Feb 24, 2009

Dude! I Love Your Band!

Tour Tracker on MapQuest LocalI’ve been making plans for the annual pilgrimage to Austin, TX for SXSW Interactive. Austin is also the “Live Music Capital of the World.” Being a former resident, I can attest to this.

So to help me find concerts while I’m in town and to help you find concerts wherever you may go, this morning we released a Tour Tracker widget on MapQuest Local. MapQuest Local is already part of my “where to go, what to do” toolbox, both on my desktop and on my iPhone. As a music-lover, being able to find what concerts are coming to town is helpful. That’s what Tour Tracker does.

The Tour Tracker widget allows you to sort upcoming concert listings by date and music genre near your current location. You can also get a map or directions to the concert venue and you can hop over to AOL Music for tickets and additional information about the show.

It’s all happening… on MapQuest Local.