Mar 3, 2009

Find Restaurants, Hotels, Parking Garages, Movie Theatres, and Gas Stations, in one click!

Everyone knows MapQuest has always provided directions, but did you know that we also help people find hotels, stores, movie theaters, and other useful points of interest? With this in mind, we’ve added an On-Map Search Tool to our maps to make it even easier to get you where you want to go and find what you need along the way.

So what’s our On-Map Search Tool all about? It’s an easy-to-use, scrollable toolbar that displays both trustworthy brands as well as top-searched categories such as Restaurants or Hotels right on your map.

On-Map Search Tool

Just click on any of the icons in the toolbar to see the locations for that brand or category on your map or route. You can then find the location that works best for you and easily add it to your directions or to your map.

How could this tool help you? Here’s an example: You and your family are taking a summer road trip and you’re hoping the drive will go as smoothly as possible. Wouldn’t it be great to plan these stops in advance? With the On-Map Search Tool, you can find a hotel or other services along the way, making it easy to determine how to manage the road, time, and your passengers.

Coffee and Best Westerns

Check out MapQuest On-Map Search Tool to see how it can help you find everything you need while you’re on the road!