Mar 19, 2009

"Save" Is The New "Print"

Use The Enhanced MapQuest4Mobile With My Places To View Saved Maps & Directions On Your BlackBerry instead Of Printing.

The MapQuest4Mobile developer and Quality Assurance teams are going to sleep well tonight! In the last month we’ve been working crazy hours to get the full “My Places” experience on your BlackBerry. So while we head home to regenerate our burned out brain cells, you’ve got some pretty sweet stuff to try out in today’s new version of MapQuest4Mobile. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, or haven’t signed-in to My Places since we released it for mobile last month, take it from the dev team: Now is the time.

Our goal in this release was to leave our toughest competitor in the dust. The competitor I’m talking about is the “Print” button; you know, the one you use to print out paper directions from, only later to realize you left them in the printer tray in your hurry to get out the door. Well, once you’ve tried the new My Places feature in conjunction with the new MapQuest4Mobile, my teammates and I hope you’ll agree: “Save” is the new “Print.” It’s faster, it’s easier, and it saves trees.

Here’s how the enhanced My Places feature within MapQuest4Mobile works. If you haven’t already, create a free My Places account on Using the “Map” or “Directions” form, create a destination or route as you normally would, but instead of clicking “Print”, click the “Save” button instead. While your car is warming up or you’re sitting at a light, launch MapQuest4Mobile on your BlackBerry-signing into your My Places account that you created on Next, scroll the top carousel over to the “My Places” icon and click the “Refresh” button. In seconds you’ll have a direct link to the directions or map you just saved back at your home on

If you saved directions, they show up with the classic “little blue car” icon. If you saved a map–it has the familiar MapQuest “globe” icon, etc. When those icons are clicked, each displays almost anything you saved from the site.

Here’s my favorite way to use the enhanced My Places feature on MapQuest4Mobile. I made a map of Denver on, selected the “Traffic” option, then saved it to my “My Places” account with the name “Denver Traffic.” Now I can access that same map and have real-time traffic information on my BlackBerry even when I’m at the breakfast table. One click on the “Denver Traffic” link while I’m downing my second bowl of Lucky Charms and I can see just how late I’m going to be to the office!

To see more information on the new MapQuest4Mobile with MyPlaces feature, click here.

If you would like to access the free download link from your BlackBerry device, type in your mobile browser.