Apr 9, 2009

Finding Local Easter Egg Hunts Is Just A Click Away!

As a kid, I have fond memories racing around my grandparent’s backyard with my Easter basket in tow-searching those hard-to-find places I knew Grandpa had stashed a few “bogeys”. Occasionally we would find an egg that had been lost in time…hidden away from the animals and elements, for gosh…who knows how long.

My Grandfather has long since passed, but his legacy of the “hidden bogey” still lives on with my two boys. For the past few years we have organized an impromptu Easter Egg Hunt with friends and neighbors, but we miss the “polish” a more formal hunt provides. Unfortunately, finding a “formal” hunt can be a challenge. Yes, they exist, but we have yet to find a source that lists and maps all of the Easter Egg Hunt’s for a specific area.

Fortunately, my wishes have been granted. MapQuest just added the ability for you to search local Easter Egg Hunt’s and have them displayed on a MapQuest map! For those of you that haven’t used our new On Map Search Tool for quick-visual listings of Hotels, Parking Garages, Coffee Shops, and Movie Theatre’s, now is your chance. Simply find your desired location on a MapQuest Map, then click the little “Easter Egg” icon (within the scrolling search tool on the right side of the map) to display the Easter Egg Hunt’s in your area. NOTE: My default MapQuest map location was set to my neighborhood, which did not return a set of results. I zoomed out and instantly found a number of Easter Egg Hunt’s within a few miles of our house.

Once you find a Easter Egg Hunt that fits your needs, simply click the specific, on-map “egg icon” to see the event’s address, website, and phone number to call for event times and details.

With over 233 listings in over 80 cities across the country, finding that perfect compliment to your Easter Sunday is merely a click away. Just make sure to tell your kids to watch out for Grandpa’s Bogey!
Happy hunting everyone!