Jun 15, 2009

Maps & Directions Evolution On The iPhone

Webster’s defines evolution as: “…any process of formation or growth”, and “…a product of such development; something evolved”. While “evolution” can mean many things to many people, we at MapQuest® think our newly released MapQuest 4 Mobile on iPhone™ epitomizes the Webster’s definition.

After many months of development, we are proud to announce the availability of MapQuest 4 Mobile on the iPhone. Since last September, the MapQuest 4 Mobile mapping and directions product has been available to BlackBerry® Smartphone users as a free application. With the iPhone, our developers saw an opportunity to start from scratch and completely overhaul the MapQuest 4 Mobile experience to take advantage of the iPhone’s unique Multi-touch interface and large screen. The end result is truly the next evolution of maps & directions on the iPhone™, offering a set of unique features that simplify your mobile mapping and directions experience.

Here are a few of the innovative features:

1. Save Maps and Routes on MapQuest.com and retrieve them on your iPhone using your My Places account. (Get your MapQuest My Places account here)

2. More useful driving directions featuring an oversized display and landscape mode orientation.

3. New MapQuest® Place Carousel allows you to easily display locations for hotels, movie theatres, gas stations, and more with a single tap.

4. Negotiate difficult turns or sets of turns with the help of orientation arrows when viewing directions in map mode.

5. Create your own “My Position” icon that represents YOU on the map using the iPhone’s built-in camera or choose from a variety of existing My Position icons.

6. Easily add multiple points to your route.

So, if you have an iPhone and are looking for a free, full-featured maps and directions application, now you have a choice! Join the evolution and download MapQuest 4 Mobile on iPhone today.

Want more information? Visit: http://wireless.mapquest.com
If you would like to download the feature screenshots, click here. To see the feature-by-feature YouTube video, click here.