Jun 24, 2009

MapQuest 4 Mobile on iPhone Breaks the Top 20 in Free Apps Category

It has been a week since we launched MapQuest 4 Mobile in the iPhone App Store, and the application has already racked-up over 180 thousand downloads and a top 20 birth in the “Free” app category (the app currently sits at #12). Users and the press alike are ecstatic about the application-providing a host of accolades and reviews that bear mentioning once again.

“MapQuest’s new free iPhone app – pretty much a head-on direct competitor to the Google Maps client that ships with the iPhone OS. Definitely worth checking out.” – John Gruber, Daring Fireball

“MapQuest 4 Mobile is the latest mapping app for the iPhone and iPod touch from MapQuest from AOL. This free iPhone app works as great substitute for the built in Google Maps iPhone app.” — AppSafari.com

“I like that MapQuest has a few tricks up its sleeve that are not in the built-in Maps app. I’ll definitely be keeping it, using it, and finding out whether I prefer it to Maps.” – Patrick Jordan, Just Another iPhone Blog

So, if you haven’t downloaded the free application, what have you been waiting for? Your iPhone is begging for an alternative to the standard Maps app from Google!

Click here to get it now.