Jul 1, 2009

Finding July 4th Fireworks Celebrations Are Now A Click Away

A few months ago we added the ability to search for local Easter Egg Hunts throughout the country and display their locations on a MapQuest map-all via our single-click search tool on MapQuest.com. Continuing the trend, we have added the ability for anyone to easily search for local Fourth of July Fireworks Celebrations and parades in the same manner.

We’ve captured 350 Fireworks Celebrations and Parades from across the country and loaded their locations, websites (if available) and address details behind a single click icon (see illustration below). Clicking on the fireworks icon in my neighborhood revealed a show that has apparently existed forever and somehow slipped my attention (and auditory senses) all these years!

They say that knowledge is power, right? Well, I plan on taking my new knowledge on the road and visiting a fireworks show in the western part of the state. What about you? Are you planning on hitting the road for the 4th this year? Let us know!. In the meantime, visit MapQuest.com and click on the fireworks icon in the right-hand search tool to find local fireworks celebrations.