Aug 17, 2009

The History of the MapQuest 4 Mobile on iPhone, My Position Icon – "Hand Dog"

As most you may know this past June, we launched the Mapping & Directions app – MapQuest 4 Mobile on iPhone (link opens iTunes). What you may not know is the true story of one MapQuest mobile developer’s plight to bring a little casual happiness to the folks that use the app.

Yes that’s correct, not only does the app provide functional usage around Maps & Directions—it also quietly adds a little charm, or dare I say snicker to those that uncover the existence of the….Hand Dog.

So, what is a “Hand Dog” anyway you ask? As our developer put it, “…call it an ode to my childhood creating shadow puppets, staying up late in our backyard tent throwing hand rabbits, birds, and swans against the dim, backlit wall. I threw a crude “dog” against the wall and everyone laughed.”

Since then, the “Hand Dog” has made its way throughout our developer’s life-bringing joy and smiles to family gatherings, barbecues, and now an iPhone app.
As he puts it..”The day is always a little better with Hand Dog“.

So, where can I find the “Hand Dog” in the app? One of the cool features of the app is the ability to use a photograph or choose from our “stock” My Position Icons to represent your current location on the map. The “Hand Dog” just happens to be one of our stock icons to choose from (click on “Settings”, then select “My Position Icon”)

For those interested in downloading the free app and discovering the “Hand Dog” for yourself, click here.

For those looking for more information on how to make your own shadow puppet, click here.