Sep 14, 2009

MapQuest 4 Mobile on iPhone Updated to 1.1.0

Let’s face it, one of the key elements of any mapping product is the ability to search a particular location for an address or business. When we launched MapQuest 4 Mobile for the iPhone a few months back, we utilized the standard iPhone “2-box” on “1-line” interface that looks like the current mobile Safari search area.

After the product began to “settle-in”, we heard from a great deal of users that the “1-line” interface was confusing and a bit “clunky”. What did we do? We fixed it and then improved the overall performance of the app as well. Now in version 1.1, when you click within the search field, you are presented with two horizontal search boxes; one for “search by business” and one for “search by address” (see illustration below).

The list below represents the complete set of updates found within the new 1.1 version:

  • Improved search experience: “Double-decker” entry for business search & address
  • Improved Place Carousel speed and performance
  • Faster “tabbing” between modes: Maps, Directions, My Places, and Settings
  • Improved routing performance
  • My Places locations and locally stored locations can now be viewed on the same screen

If you haven’t already downloaded the free application for your iPhone, click here to get the latest version now {opens iTunes link}.