Sep 22, 2009

Our New Missing and Exploited Children Widget

Over at, we have Widgets that help you find just about anything near you. For instance, you can easily find local concerts, blogs, tweets, movies, classifieds, restaurants…and the list goes on.

While these widgets are extremely useful and functional, none compare to the importance and impactful nature of our new Missing and Exploited Children Widget powered by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC).

The new widget features pictures and information about children who are missing from your default local area established on You can also search for missing children by name and link directly to NCMEC’s website for other missing children resources.

Continuing a relationship with NCMEC that spans nearly 10 years, AOL and MapQuest believe the new widget is an informative method for anyone to easily help in the search for missing children.

The new widget can be found at