Oct 13, 2009

MapQuest Navigator for iPhone…….one more thing!

Now that MapQuest Navigator for iPhone is out in the wild, we thought it best to provide a bit of guidance both for those who have the app and those who are looking to get the app and need more clarification on its features.

With that said, here are a few tips that will help you better harness the power of the Voice Guided routing feature within MapQuest Navigator:

A. GPS and Cell Coverage Questions:

It goes without saying that the app is fairly reliant on both cell and GPS connectivity in order to navigate. However, the good news is that because we download the “route corridor” (a limited surrounding distance around your route) when you start a trip, you can lose cell connectivity and still navigate towards your destination with no ill effects.

Unfortunately, losing the GPS signal is another story. The app has the same limitations as any/all GPS reliant devices: if you lose connectivity or have a weak signal, the routing engine may become confused and display inaccurate information such as erroneous directional prompts and traffic info. Additionally, cloud-cover and dense urban high-rise environments can severely impair your iPhone’s GPS signal and accuracy.

B. Routing Tips:

1. When going “off-route”, from a main road/highway or interstate onto a smaller street, the app will do its best to keep you on that major road even prompting you to “make a legal u-turn” well into your diversion.
What to do: Before creating your route, go to the “settings” panel on your iPhone and select “Navigator.” Choose the “Avoid Highways” option to allow the app to accept “off-route” diversions that include smaller streets and roads.

2. When traveling on a route with heavy traffic and slow movement, you may receive your directional voice prompt multiple times before you can take action.
What to do: With the app open, tap the iPhone screen or click on the “Options” to reveal the Route Settings panel. Choose the “Mute” button to force the app into silent mode while you progress through traffic.

3. Need to make a stop during your route, but want the flexibility of returning where you left-off?
What to do: Simply quit the app. When you are finished with your stop, power up MapQuest Navigator once again, and you will be prompted to continue with your route–right where you left-off!

C. Using the Place Carousel for searching points of interest:

In some cases, finding locations within a certain business category (icon), may not display locations within your map view.
What to do: Zoom out to enable a larger map area and therefore larger coverage.

Have other questions or concerns? Visit our handy support site or view the “Quick Start Guide” here.