Oct 29, 2009

MapQuest Introduces our New Map Styles and More!

MapQuest has always had a distinctive unique look and feel for our maps and now we’re refreshing this look with a new map style and imagery improvements.


Check out our new features that enhance the map-viewing experience:

  1. If you’re looking at a map in North America, you’ll notice new terrain and vegetation imagery at zoom levels 4 – 9. Now you can visualize real-world terrain (such as mountains) that you’ll be driving through on your next trip across the country.
  2. We’ve also completely redone the entire road network to improve readability and shape of the roads with the new colors and styling. A cleaner map style is achieved by highlighting the major roads more clearly and the smaller access roads with narrower lines and lighter colors.
  3. In larger cities, we’ve added more building footprints showing how large a building is on the street. In addition, you’ll now see main subway stops shown on the map.
    Building Footprints and Subway Stops
  4. And, not to be left out, take a look at our hybrid imagery view and you’ll see that we have improved the look of the roads while not obscuring the imagery.

We hope you enjoy our map updates and look for more imagery updates coming soon!