Dec 4, 2009

New Search Categories Added To!

So you probably know by now you can search for nearby post offices, schools, parking garages, gas stations, etc. on, right? And if that wasn’t enough, we just added a whole slew of new categories for your search delight.

The new search categories are:

  • ATM’s (Now Over 72,000!)
  • Parks
  • Stadium Arenas and Athletic Fields
  • Tourist Attractions (Includes 1.5M Locations!)
  • Court Houses
  • City Hall
  • Libraries

We have also updated the coverage for the following categories: (This means if you live in a smaller urban areas, it is likely that we now have data to display for you.)

  • Rest Areas
  • Bus Stations
  • Train Stations
  • Commuter Rail Stations
  • Park and Ride’s
  • Ski Resorts
  • Wineries (Over 500 To Search!)
  • Highway Exits
  • Tourist Information Centers

To search for these categories, simply visit and 1.) click on the little magnifying glass icon (see below) or 2.) enter a search term mentioned above into the “Maps“, “Find A Business” form field followed by your search City and State.

The following images are a few screenshots of the new categories and how the results are displayed on

1.) ATM’s

2.) Rail Stations

3.) Ski Resorts (our personal favorite!)

4.) Wineries

Happy searching everyone!