Dec 15, 2009

Major Pre-Holiday Enhancements to the MapQuest Mobile Product Suite!

Not to be overshadowed by the recent release of 360 View, the MapQuest Mobile Team has been working around the clock (almost like little North-Pole Elves) to roll-out upgrades, feature enhancements, distribution arrangements with carriers and much more.

Put simply, our mobile software suite is now better than before, can be accessed on more phones and is available through more channels and carriers.

Let’s go through the list and see what has changed:

I. Mobile Safari and Android Updates (Mobile Web experience)

We have listened to your requests and added Geo Location to the latest release. That’s right, iPhone and Android users visiting now have the ability to utilize their Smartphone’s GPS receiver to pinpoint their current location within the map, directions and search forms.

For those of us that love to “tap” instead of type, this feature is a huge time saver!

A few additional highlights of this release include:

A. Access to saved maps and routes from
B. Utilize walking directions to navigate pedestrian-only paths.

If you have an Android phone or an iPhone, check it out at

II. MapQuest 4 Mobile on iPhone

Since its introduction in July, the MapQuest 4 Mobile on iPhone product has gained feature enhancements every month–with December being no exception. Available last week, version 1.2 features many enhancements that our users have long asked for.

The latest release (1.2) includes:

A. Walking directions feature that provides directions to navigate pedestrian-only paths.
B. New map styles with terrain and vegetation imagery that emulates the experience.
C. Directions Mode now includes a collapsible “hat” that allows users to expand and contract their route narrative, resulting in a larger view of the map.
D. Metric Units Support. In Directions Mode, users can now view their route detail in metric units.

Get the new version here via iTunes.

III. MapQuest 4 Mobile on BlackBerry

The last few months we have also been busy collaborating with new carriers and distributors to offer the BlackBerry version of MapQuest 4 Mobile to their customers.

As such, we are happy to announce that MapQuest 4 Mobile for BlackBerry is now available as a free download on BlackBerry App World!

In addition, you can also download the product for free at the following locations:

B. Sprint customers with BlackBerry phones can download the product via the “PocketExpress” application.

NOTE: New BlackBerry models are coming! Look for the popular 9700 and 9630 models soon via BlackBerry App World.

We are excited to be able to bring you these updates as we head into the New Year. Make sure to check in at to see the latest release information.
Happy Holidays from the MapQuest Mobile Team!