Dec 16, 2009

New Print Page Options!

What do most users of MapQuest do? Well, they print out their directions and take them with them of course! We know that our print pages go far and wide with users going cross country or nearby. Studies show that even consumers with GPS systems print our MapQuest directions as a back up plan.

Knowing how vital printed directions are to you, we have recently added several features to customize the print out. Now taking your printed map or directions with you take on a whole new meaning with our great new features.

  • Want to save ink? You now have a choice to print with or without the advertisement.

  • Choose what you want – print maps only, directions narrative only, or maps and directions narrative together (which is the default.)
  • While not a new feature, you may not be aware that if you’ve zoomed, panned, turned on features on the map such as aerial imagery, added points of interest, etc., you can choose to print the map just as you’ve customized it or as the map originally would be presented by MapQuest.

  • We know that following the directions in the car may be challenging so now you can choose which print size you want for your directions.

Know how to get out of a neighborhood and want your directions to start at a specific point in your route? Now you can hide and restore specific maneuvers at the click of a button.

Our new cumulative mileage option shows the total distance traveled on the trip alongside the miles for each maneuver in the narrative. Correlate this with your trip odometer and follow along!

  • In addition to seeing your entire route, you can now add Start and End maps to your print out to help you navigate better.
  • The Start, End, and Route maps can all be turned on or off individually.

And finally, if you want to see a map of each direction instruction, you have the ability to turn on and off ‘maneuver’ maps within your driving directions.

We hope you’ll enjoy and appreciate all the new options you have to make your printed maps and directions the way you want and need.

Happy travels!