Dec 21, 2009

Over 700,000 New Business Listings Added To

Never thought PowerPoint and Olive oil would go together? Well, you just might find that they do the next time you’re planning a trip or searching for something nearby on MapQuest.

Now you’ll find more than 700,000 new and informative business listings nationwide in popular search categories such as restaurants, hotels, shopping, spas, bars, clubs and more through our partnership with Citysearch. In addition to more listings, you’ll also find greater editorial content for each business including restaurant menus, coupons and special offers, business hours, and customer ratings and reviews, so you can search, research, and of course, get a map or directions to get there.

Imagine you have a business conference in San Francisco in the coming weeks. You know you’re staying at the Omni where you’ll spend your days staring at PowerPoint presentations and drinking too much coffee, but you’re excited that you have one evening off for dinner on your own. If you go big, you may even tack on a movie. It’s easier than ever to find more hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and night clubs when planning your trip on

First, just search for the Omni in San Francisco and get a map.

Next, in the “Search Nearby” box, enter a general description of what you’re looking for. I searched “Italian Restaurants” (tomatoes and olive oil being two of my favorite things), and more than 150 Italian Restaurant results were returned at my fingertips and shown on the map. Click on the numbered bubbles to see additional information. We now cover over 700,000 places that have additional information such as Reviews, Menus, and more!

I checked out menus, websites and reviews for several nearby popular restaurants before deciding upon Café Tiramisu (really, it wasn’t because of the name)!

I then selected the “Directions to” (Café Tiramisu), and voila – I had directions from the Omni to the restaurant which I sent to my cell phone.

The next time you’re planning a trip or searching for something nearby, give it a try. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to find and plan to do things near wherever you are on MapQuest!!!