Dec 22, 2009

MapQuest Mobile Web: Geo-Location for Android Devices

Since our Mobile Website launched for iPhone and Android devices in November, 2009, several of you requested integration with the GPS support on your device. You asked…and we delivered. In particular for Android devices with version 1.1 or higher, the MapQuest Mobile Website supports an option to enable and use GPS geo-location.

This means:

  1. Type fewer keystrokes. If your device supports GPS, and you haven’t denied access to use it on the site, you’ll have an option to choose “My Current Location” instead of typing an address.
  2. An optimized experience. The MapQuest Mobile Website is optimized for your Android device, no matter what version of the operating system you’re using.
  3. Google Gears geo-location support. You’ll see a customized alert the first time you complete a form with the “My Current Location” option enabled.
  4. Android 2.0+ geo-location support. If your device is Android 2.0 or higher, your default browser doesn’t use gears for geo-location – but it can still acquire position data. We’ve got support for your device too.

Enabling automatic geo-location support makes our site easier to use, and that’s why we made sure it was one of the first upgrades we made to the MapQuest Mobile Website. With Android’s growing popularity and powerful features, it was a pretty clear choice to offer this functionality to our users. So pick up your Android phone, start up the browser, and go to!