Feb 11, 2010

Olympic Hometowns – Let the Games Begin!

We are so excited for the start of the 2010 Winter Games that we thought it would be fun to take a closer look at the US Winter Olympic Team; so, we developed The MapQuest Olympian Hometown Map.

As you watch the Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremonies tomorrow, you might be interested to know there are 33 states and 175 different cities represented from the US. Some of the states/cities the Olympians call home are not so surprising: Anchorage, Alaska is the hometown of four Cross Country Ski Team members and five winter athletes are from Aspen, Colorado. But, how about a bobsledder from Douglasville, Georgia or a speed skater from Memphis, Tennessee? Or even that the city of Farmington is represented by two athletes but each from a different state – Farmington, Connecticut and Farmington, Maine.

Starting today, MapQuest Business Locator, our integrated on-map search tool that shows restaurants, hotels and other search categories, now includes the hometown locations of the US Olympic team. Just click on the Olympic Torch Icon in the toolbar and you’ll see all the Olympian hometowns in that area. If you don’t see any icons on your map, try zooming out to a state or regional level.

MapQuest Olympic Hometowns - Bode Miller

So, whether you are excited about the 5-time Olympic medalist, Apolo Anton Ohno – from Seattle, WA – or you are anticipating Bode Miller’s return to the slopes – Miller hails from Franconia, New Hampshire – you can see where Ohno, Miller, and all of the US athletes started their Olympic dreams with our Olympian Hometown Map. Check it out and find your hometown Olympian to cheer on during the games.

Good luck to all of the US Olympians!