Feb 24, 2010

360 View – More Cities!

Editor’s note: 360 View is no longer available on MapQuest.com. [August 24, 2011]

We’ve recently added more imagery to 360 View (an additional 13 cities and 11 suburbs), increasing our total city count to 70. Our collection of city images continues to grow as we gather more data. To see if imagery exists in your area, click on the ’360 View’ button at the top of the map – imagery coverage is available where the orange highlighted lines are shown on the map. Just hover your mouse and click on the thumbnail pop-up to interact with the 360 View imagery. Watch our quick demo to find out more.

So, if you’re headed to Austin, TX for the South by Southwest Conference (March 12-21), be sure to check out the new 360 View imagery for your favorite meet-and-eat spots:

MapQuest map of Austin with 360 View Turned On

Or, if you’re headed to the Orlando area for Spring Break, take a look at the Theater of the Stars:

MapQuest 360 View of the Theater of the Stars in Orlando, FL