Feb 24, 2010

Rules of the Road – Where’s the rule about gridlock?

Highway Traffic

Gridlock, traffic, congestion- no matter what you call it, daily commuting can make the most calm among us grit our teeth, seize the steering wheel and feel our blood pressure rise at an alarming pace. We have all been there. MapQuest is dedicated to helping travelers get to their destinations. To help make the driving experience a little easier, we have teamed up with INRIX, our traffic partner, to provide additional information, tips and ways to effectively handle what can sometimes be a stressful situation – daily commuting.

1.) Check traffic before you walk out the door. In just one click you can easily see traffic conditions in most major US metro areas and make decisions about your trip. If you see your commute is going to cause your blood pressure to rise, find alternative routes or options by changing the default route we give you. Just grab the displayed route with your mouse and drag it to a different road/roads to find alternate ways to go. You might find a new way to or from work that has a better coffee shop along the way.

2.) If you are already en route, don’t forget your Smartphone. With apps like MapQuest 4 Mobile you can get live-traffic updates and find the best place on the way to work to stop for gas or that cup of coffee. (The LA Times recently rated the app one of the most useful iPhoneTM apps out there.)

3.) Don’t forget the power of music. A bad commute doesn’t mean you have to have a bad day. Here’s a playlist that should last about 45 minutes and might help make the beginning or end of your day easier and more enjoyable. Of course, everyone’s music tastes are a little different. So, go to our Facebook page or Twitter feed and give us some of your favorites.

  1. I Made It – Kevin Rudolph
  2. No Boundaries – Kris Allen
  3. Imma Be – Black Eyed Peas
  4. A Moment Like This – Leona Lewis
  5. Happy – Leona Lewis
  6. All the Right Moves – One Republic
  7. The Underdog – Spoon
  8. Empire State of Mind – Jay Z
  9. Bad Day – Daniel Powter
  10. Me Against the World – Simple Plan
  11. Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day
  12. You Are Not Alone – Michael Jackson
  13. Happiness – Fray
  14. Breakeven – Script
  15. Imagine – Beatles

In addition to the tips here, check out our Facebook page for a view into what commutes from our fans across the country look like and some of their tips for staying sane – please also share yours!