Mar 10, 2010

Do I Need Another Map Application for my iPhone?

That was a rhetorical question. Yes, you do…especially when that application is MapQuest® 4 Mobile.

MapQuest 4 Mobile, a free app, brings over a decade of digital mapping experience to your iPhoneTM with distinguishing features to help you get where you’re going. Our legendary attention to driving directions warrants a place in your starting lineup. Get the latest version (1.4) – just released – here.

 Image of Auto-Advance and Energy Saving Mode Screens on MapQuest 4 Mobile

New – Hands Free Directions
Auto-Advance is our latest innovation to help you get there. It improves the standard “Find Me” by using your iPhone’s GPS to automatically locate you within your driving directions, recognize when you have taken a turn, and prepare you with the next maneuver – all without having to touch the screen.

Why is this good for you? Well, say you get directions from your house to where your kids are playing soccer. When you leave your street, your iPhone screen automatically changes to your next turn. Once you make that turn, you guessed it: the view changes to the next step in your directions. No hands! For a detailed explanation of how this works, visit our help site.

Also New – Energy Savings Mode
MapQuesters, headquartered in beautiful Colorado, tend to think ‘green.’ As such, we’ve introduced settings that help to reduce battery drain – a plus for a map app (these tend to use a lot of battery with the GPS).

For example, if you were driving from Denver, CO to Billings, MT, you would want the setting to be ‘High Savings.’ It’s a long, straight drive, where you will not need the app for long stretches of time, so why waste your precious battery? Conversely, perhaps you are navigating through New York City’s West Village on your way out to LaGuardia – in this case you may want to keep your screen from dimming during the journey, knowing that there are a multitude of maneuvers. In this case, you would set the app to ‘Low Savings’ (the default setting).

Try our new features, and find out why MapQuest 4 Mobile is different, and a must for your starting lineup.