Mar 11, 2010

MapQuest Share to Facebook

Sharing is a big part of being connected on the Web. We share links over IM, tweet random thoughts on Twitter and share a little bit of everything on Facebook. Today we’re sharing that we have added a new feature on MapQuest to make it simple to share maps, directions and places to your Facebook friends.

Share to Facebook on

Share to Facebook will allow you to post a note, small map and descriptive link on your Facebook wall right from So, in addition to letting your friends know that you’re headed to a concert later this week or sharing pictures from your latest trip, you can now also use Facebook to share some helpful location information.

Share to Facebook Pop-up Bubble on

Here’s how you use it:

  1. Get a MapQuest Map, Directions, or Search
  2. Click the Facebook Share icon
  3. Log into Facebook and authorize MapQuest to post to your Facebook Wall
  4. Add a note
  5. Click ‘Publish’ to post it to Facebook

It’s not a complicated feature, but it is another example of how MapQuest is evolving and responding to the changing ways people share information (location-related and otherwise) online. Now get out there and share!