Mar 12, 2010

Link to Your Favorite 360 View Imagery!

Editor’s note: 360 View is no longer available on [August 24, 2011]

Just in time for your ever-increasing-cabin-fever-need-to-get-out-and-about-in-the-world, we’ve launched our latest feature – 360 View Link To! Now you can grab your favorite 360 View image angle and use the “Link or Embed” functionality to copy/paste a URL of that exact image to share with your family and friends.

For instance, if you’re headed to Boston for St. Patty’s Day, you’ll need the perfect location for a completely Irish experience; click over to and search for your favorite Irish Pub in Boston, MA. Once you find a pub that you like, chances are, there will be a ‘Launch 360 View’ thumbnail image and link that are clickable.

Location Info Bubble on MapQuest with 360 View Thumbnail

After the 360 View player opens, you can rotate the 360 View image by using your mouse or the compass arrows to get the exact angle of the 360 View image that you want to capture.

How to rotate image in MapQuest's 360 View

Then, click the “Link or Embed” button near the top of the page…

Link or Embed Button on

…and copy/paste the tiny URL that captured the 360 View image and send it to all your pals via text, email, Twitter or Facebook. You can also use the tiny URL for your business listings online – you choose your method of communication and we’ll provide a great image and map! Find out more detailed information on 360 View Link To on our MapQuest Help Site.

Explore to find your favorite 360 View image and have fun sharing with all your social networks!