Mar 15, 2010

The Features…Without the Download: MapQuest on your Mobile Browser

As you may have noticed, we at MapQuest are bullish on the mobile browser. After all, nearly everyone with a phone has one! With this in mind, we’d like to announce greater coverage of MapQuest Mobile Web 2.0. Now more people can get a modern look-and-feel, a friendlier user-experience and new features like walking directions from our mobile web site. We still cover all phones that have a mobile browser, but now 40 of the most trafficked mobile devices will render this improved user-experience.

Basically, we copied many of the great features available on our mobile downloadable applications, and made them available on your mobile browser. Advanced Browsers can even take advantage of top-tier capabilities like touch interface and GPS (Find Me). Standard Browsers access the same features except the touch, satellite, & GPS features.

Map of Coors Field on the MapQuest Mobile Website - Version 2.0

How do you get it?
Just type the URL into your mobile browser. Bookmark it. You’ll have MapQuest at your fingertips without having to download any application or updates.

What exactly is available on MapQuest Mobile Web 2.0? Here’s a quick summary:

  • My Places: Registered My Places users on can view their saved maps and routes. Browsers with cookie support will also save recent locations, automatically.
  • Directions: Reliable driving (and walking!) directions you’ve come to expect from
  • Maps: Enjoy aerial maps with quick pan and zoom features.
  • Live Traffic: Live traffic with the latest road conditions.
  • Find Me: See your location from your phone’s GPS chip. (iPhone & Android only)
  • Local Search: Search for a business, either by name, or maybe just a category.

Why not at least try it? As always, stay tuned on more to come.