Mar 16, 2010

Search Along Your Route with MapQuest Mobile Web

Yesterday we announced that our new MapQuest Mobile Web 2.0 is available on more browsers. What we didn’t mention is that we also launched a new capability on the site: Search-Along-Route. This may not sound like much at first, but it’s actually pretty useful. Let me give you an example: Have you ever been on your way to a meeting or your kid’s basketball game hoping you’ll find a coffee shop on the way there? Me too. In fact, many of us here at MapQuest have encountered situations like this. So we developed Search-Along-Route and it’s now available on our mobile website. Our years of experience tell us that most people will be looking for stuff near the origin of their trip (e.g. gas station) or the destination (e.g. parking) and you can do both of these on our site, but this new feature allows you to also search around any maneuver in your route for categories (e.g. coffee shops, post offices, etc.) or specific search terms (e.g. Monk’s Diner). Try Search-Along-Route. I suspect you’ll solve that caffeine craving. It did for me. ;)

Here’s a visual of how easy it is to search-along-route:

MapQuest Mobile Website Search for Coffee Shops Along the Route

So where do you get this cool feature? Just type the URL into your mobile browser. To find out if MapQuest Mobile Web 2.0 is available on your phone, simply go to our help site.

The vast majority of phones have mobile browsers, and MapQuest wants to be on every one of them in a meaningful way. Stay tuned as we continue to add to the list of devices compatible with MapQuest Mobile Web 2.0.