Mar 29, 2010

MapQuest 4 Mobile iPhone Debuts Basic Voice Guidance…And it's Free!

We’re pleased to announce that basic Voice Guidance is now available on our MapQuest 4 Mobile iPhone app. This is an exciting feature that really differentiates us from most other free navigation apps available for iPhone.

This new feature is extremly useful for me and I know it will be the same for our users. For instance, last week I needed to get back to the airport from my hotel after an eventful CTIA conference in Las Vegas. After a busy 3 days, my mind was shot – thankfully, MapQuest 4 Mobile was sitting shotgun in the rental car, literally telling me how to get there.

After a quick search, I got my directions overview from the hotel to the airport. I pressed the green START button and was on my way. As I approached my first turn, the voice guidance informed me twice, and then confirmed the turn with a succinct ‘Turn right, now.’ That was easy.

Uh-oh, cut-off by a cab, and couldn’t hit my next turn! The voice informs me that I am off route, and provides a message that will help me. I pull into a gas station, and tap ‘Reroute Me.’ Back on track.

I drop off the rental car, and am pleased that I was able to use my device on a paucity of power (naturally, I forgot my charger) – the medium power setting allowed my screen to dim while the voice guidance continued, saving me precious power. Phew, I can still e-mail my boss before my flight.

Oh, and it wouldn’t be Vegas if my wallet weren’t lighter so thank goodness the app is FREE! Why not try it?