Apr 9, 2010

FAQs for MapQuest 4 Mobile iPhone: We have Answers!

While reading through the comments on our newest release of MapQuest 4 Mobile for iPhone, I noticed that some questions came up a few times, and I have answers!

Q. Why don’t you have more business categories in the carousel?
A. You can already customize the carousel to add more categories! We include the most popular in the original set, but encourage you to customize to fit your needs.

Simply touch and flick the carousel until you can see the circled plus icon (+). Tap (+). The Configure screen is then displayed. From here, Tap, Hold (1-2 seconds), and then Drag icons to or from the carousel. You can also Tap/Hold/Drag icons from left to right on the carousel to rearrange them.

Add or Remove Categories in Toolbar on MapQuest 4 Mobile iPhone
For detailed help, refer to How to Customize the Places Carousel.

Q. Can I use addresses from my saved contacts?
A. Yes you can! After you tap Maps or Directions, tap a location box and the contacts icon appears at the end of the box. Tap it, select a contact from your list of contacts, and that contact’s address is used for the location. (Note: If you don’t see the contacts icon, make sure you selected the ADDRESS box, not the ‘Business or category’ box.)

MapQuest 4 Mobile Contacts from Address Book

For detailed help, refer to How to Map an Address from Your Contact List.

Q. Where is the volume control?
A. To set the alert volume for both sounds and voice, tap Settings at the bottom right of the screen. Tap Guidance Options. Drag the slider to the left or right to decrease or increase the volume.

MapQuest 4 Mobile  iPhone Alert Volume Setting

For detailed help, refer to How to Set the Alert Volume.

Q. Where do I select the battery saving settings?
A. To modify your settings to conserve battery power, select Settings at the bottom of the screen. Select Energy Saving. Select Low, Medium or High.

MapQuest 4 Mobile iPhone Energy Savings Setting

For detailed help, refer to How to Change the Energy Settings.

If you have other questions about MapQuest 4 Mobile or any of our other products, visit our Help Site or our Forums.