May 18, 2010

Worried about Rising Gas Prices? MapQuest Can Help.

With summer fast approaching, many families are beginning to plan their vacations. A national increase in the price of fuel has many people looking for ways to save fuel, both on vacation and in their daily commute. According to a recent Energy Information Administration report, the national average gas price this summer will hover near $3.00, approximately a $0.50 increase from last year.

Whether you are planning a family road trip this summer or just trying to save money on trips around town, here are a few fast and simple ways to improve your consumption and find the best deals on fuel.

Find the Best Deals on Gas
The MapQuest Gas Prices feature can save you money by finding the cheapest places to fill up in your area. The tool is simple. Either select a city and state or type in a zip code to find the cheapest gas prices in that area. You can find alternative fuel stations or different fuel grades and sort stations by distance and price. Our gas finder tool makes it easy to find the best deal on gas prices.

Find the cheapest gas in your area with MapQuest Gas Prices!

Calculate the Cost of Gas for Your Trip
MapQuest Gas Prices also features a Gas Price Calculator, a tool that calculates total cost of gas for your trip. All you have to do is enter your trip distance, miles per gallon and cost per gallon and the calculator will let you know approximately what you’ll be spending on gas for that trip.

Improve your Gas Consumption
To improve fuel consumption, the US Department of Energy suggests altering your driving habits as well as properly maintaining your vehicle. Maintaining proper tire inflation can improve gas mileage up to 3.3 percent. Try to avoid excess idling or speeding, as both dramatically decrease vehicle efficiency.

No matter if it is a long-weekend trip or a cross-country excursion you are planning this summer, check out these tools to help save on gas and find the best places to fill up.