Jun 18, 2010

Are we there yet? MapQuest Summer Survey

This is it – the last post in our summer vacation series. We hope that the tips we provided on driving, planning and taking a summer vacation have been informative. We are going to wrap up this series with some additional statistics from our survey of nearly 1900 individuals.

While it appears that cost and experience/adventure are reasons that people are driving more this year than in 2009, people are also sharing the experience with others. Only 4% are driving alone to a summer vacation destination and nearly half of our respondents will be driving with a spouse/significant other this summer. And, a lot of you will be traveling with children under the age of 18.

We suggested some car games and ideas for traveling with kids in the last post, so we thought that once the games end and the food is gone, music will help everyone keep up the excitement of reaching the destination. Here are some road trip song suggestions.

Not surprisingly, 54% of those traveling in a recreational vehicle are traveling 900 miles or greater this summer. Driving also seems to be split fairly equally between those driving shorter distances 100 – 500 miles and those driving longer distances 900 – 1200 miles. No matter if you are driving 100 miles or 1200 or greater, there are tools that can help make sure you reach your destination more easily.

Our own MapQuest 4 Mobile free application provides you with the ability to access any saved maps and directions from MapQuest.com to your phone. In addition to the voice guidance feature, it also has a “find me” feature that uses GPS to automatically locate you within your driving directions.

There are so many apps these days that we thought we would also suggest some that will help with other portions of the drive or your overall vacation. We have also included some overall must haves for both the drive and the actual vacation:

Finally, since we are talking about smart phone applications, including our own MapQuest 4 Mobile and even though the majority of you are not traveling alone, we want to be sure to point out that all of these apps should be used by passengers or when pulled over on the side of the road. Make sure you know the laws along your route concerning cell phone use while driving. Here’s a handy chart of cell phone laws by state. However, even if it’s legal to talk on a cell phone where you’re going, it’s usually safest to use a hands-free device.

We hope that you enjoy your summer and we’d like to see photos of your trips. You can post summer vacation photos to our Facebook page over the course of the summer and we will make sure to hold on to them so we can look back again when there is snow on the ground.