Jun 28, 2010

Fireworks, Fun & The 4th!

While Independence Day is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the parades, festivals and firework shows going on around you, sometimes finding the right event and getting there in time to get a good view can dampen your patriotic spirit.

But now with 4th of July Events locator button in our Map Toolbar on MapQuest.com, you can see a convenient display of the events going on in your area and get directions from your house at the same time!

We’ve compiled a list of over 500 of the best 4th of July events nationwide, and with our mapping expertise, we can provide the best route to get you to the front of the action as quickly as possible.

Now, when the fireworks start going off, you’ll be able to avoid traffic and get the best seat in the house!

Find out where the best July 4th events are going on around your area at our brand new beta site! Or on our current site.

Hope you have a great 4th!