Jul 16, 2010

Route Planner Enhanced!

With the second release of Route Planner, we listened!  We have enhanced our features to include feedback from you and have added some other features to make this tool even more vital for users who need to create some order in their travels!  If you’re unfamiliar with MapQuest Route Planner, it’s a new tool that takes your trip of up to 26 25 stops and reorders them to give you the fastest route – ultimately saving you time and money.

People are saving a lot of time and mileage using Route Planner so we figured why not track it?  At the top of the new Route Planner you’ll see the number of miles our users have saved thus far using this utility.  As of today (July 16), we’ve saved our users 276,513 miles – that’s enough to go around the world nearly 12x!

In addition to the miles saved tracker, you can now:

  • Drag & Drop your stops to reorder your route.
    You can now simply select the star and drag that location into the position in your route that you want it to be.

  • Integrate Route Planner into your web site, enabling your users to have the ability to plan optimized routes.
    This feature is fantastic if you run a Real Estate, Travel, or any other site where you want to give your users the option to plan their trip!  Simply integrate Route Planner right into your web site – it’s a simple process for your web developer and we have given you everything you need to know how to do it.  Click here to Learn More.
  • Ability to modify your routes after it’s been optimized with a new option in the Directions Options panel.  You can re-optimize your route as many times as you want with multiple modification options.Directions Options

And if you’re curious why Route Planner doesn’t have MapQuest’s new look and feel, don’t worry – it’s coming soon along with more enhancements!

Keep the feedback coming – and let us help you put some order into your life!  Want to learn more?  Check out our Help site for more information about Route Planner and all of its features.