Jul 20, 2010

MapQuest Live Traffic – More Coverage!

If you visit MapQuest frequently, you’re likely to be familiar with our real-time traffic feature, which helps with trip planning by showing traffic congestion using familiar green-yellow-red overlays as well as traffic incident and road construction details. Well, we have great news for you: we’ve just dramatically expanded our road congestion (or “flow”) coverage, to over a quarter-million miles of roadways throughout major cities in North America.  Best of all, we now include key arterials and city streets, enabling the MapQuest community to view traffic conditions on important cross-town routes which might also serve as good alternates to major highways.

MapQuest Live Traffic Expanded Coverage

This is all made possible by the new SpeedWavesTM technology developed by our traffic partner INRIX, which factors in the impact of stoplights and stop signs on traffic flow to provide a more realistic and reliable view of traffic conditions along secondary roads. This approach provides higher accuracy than competitors who may interpret vehicles starting and stopping for traffic lights and stop signs on these roads as traffic jams instead of the normal flow of traffic through these intersections.

MapQuest Live Traffic Button

So if you’re already a fan of MapQuest Traffic, enjoy the expanded coverage! If you haven’t tried it, now is a great time to take us for a test drive as you check out all the other great new features at new.mapquest.com. To view traffic, just click on the “Live Traffic” button along the top of your map and zoom in to see our expanded coverage – or, zoom out to see which cities are covered.

So before you head home from work or take the kids to that cross-town soccer game, go to MapQuest and check out our new and improved Live Traffic!