Jul 22, 2010

New MapQuest Adds More Features

If you’ve read our blog recently, you’ll know that we launched a New MapQuest site just a few weeks ago.  We’ve gotten some great feedback already – including suggestions on how we can make it even better.  We’ve taken this feedback and made some changes.  Here’s the most noteworthy:

Full Map View
You asked us for more map and now we have it!  With the recent update, you can now collapse the left pane to view a map that’s as wide as your browser window.  This is a great option for those of you that are visual and like to see as much map as possible.

Full Map View of MapQuest Map

Zoom via Mouse Scroll
Another common request was the ability to zoom the map via your mouse and now you can!  In other words, next time you’re on MapQuest, hover your mouse over the map and use the scroll wheel of the mouse to zoom in or out.  We like to think of the map as your canvas so it’s great to hear that so many of you want to interact with it!

In addition to these enhancements, we also made some other minor changes to features based on your feedback and fixed a few errors reported by you as well.  As I hope you can see, we really are listening and hope you’ll continue to give us feedback!  We want to hear what you like and what you think we can do better.

For those of you that haven’t checked out the new site yet, I hope you take a second to give it a spin.  It’s available now at new.mapquest.com.