Aug 5, 2010

Send Locations to Your Car with SYNC

A big partnership launch today!

Today we are proud to be launching our service with Ford Motor Company which will allow MapQuest users to search for destinations on and be able to “beam” (excuse the Star Trek analogy) them directly to your Ford, Lincoln or Mercury car equipped with the SYNC® Traffic, Directions and Information service.

Imagine I’m planning a trip to New York City and want to visit the Empire State Building. Instead of printing the directions, I just click “Send to SYNC®” to have the information sent to my SYNC® system. Once in my vehicle, I just press the voice button, say “Services”, and the vehicle navigation system will calculate a route and then begin guidance to the MapQuest point of interest.

Now you can plan and research where you want to go online and send it directly to your car. Think of how many drivers will navigate with their eyes on the road, instead of looking down at a printed map.

Check us out on your new Ford Vehicle!

Send to Ford SYNC on MapQuest