Aug 31, 2010

Open Update…

…or, what have you done for us lately?  Here’s what we’ve been busy doing over the last month with our MapQuest Open Source project!

We’ve made a very awesome addition to our site – you can now pick your language, open source style!  We talked about the language selection in our blog post yesterday and now we have it for our open site as well!  Choose from German, French, French Canadian, Spanish or stick with viewing everything in English (this time English is a British flag!).  Just click on the flag at the top right of the page to make your choice, like this:

We also had the distinct pleasure of sponsoring the State of the Map USA conference in Atlanta, GA during the weekend of August 14, 2010.  Two of our MapQuesters gave presentations at SotM:  David Cole talked about what we’ve done so far and what we have on our plate next to complete and Dave Nesbitt discussed our brand new Open Directions Service that uses the OpenStreetMap (OSM) routing data.

Our brand-new MapQuest Open Directions Service is a big win – because for the first time – developers don’t need to sign up or register for a service to use our routes!  We built our world-famous routing algorithm (it’s what makes our routing engine so fantastic) on OSM data!  Read more about the Open Directions Service in this MapQuest DevBlog post.

Also, for our MapQuest developers – we’ve open-sourced our map style and opened up our map tiles for use in your web application.  Read more about this news on the DevBlog.

Want more Open news?  Our maps are now updated every 15 minutes!  Want to edit your business location or add in that new street extension to your neighborhood?  You can be an OSM mapper too – click here to find out how!

On the site – we’ve updated our maps to display the OSM data in several countries, such as China and Japan!  Check out the detail in Taipei (below)…enjoy surfing the world!