Sep 13, 2010

The Next Position Icon: You Decide

AMapQuest 4 Mobile iPhone App with a 'Tank' as the Position Icon T-Rex.  A Robot.  A Double Rainbow.  What do these all have in common?  They’re just 3 of the many options you can vote for to be the next Position Icon on our iPhone app!

Vote for the Next MapQuest 4 Mobile Position IconSince the MapQuest 4 Mobile app debuted, you’ve been able to customize your icon.  After all, who wants to be a be a plain old pin or waving man when you can be Skull & Crossbones, a Hot Air Balloon, a Football or even upload your own photo?

So, go vote for what you think should be the next Position Icon.  Once you vote, you can come back to the voting page at anytime to see whether you’re icon is in the lead.  You can only vote once, but if you get your friends and family to vote, your favorite has a better chance of winning! Voting is open until next Thursday (9/23) and then we’ll announce the winner that Friday (9/24).

If you want to check out the feature now, download the app, click ‘Settings’ -> ‘My Position Icon’ -> and choose the icon that you want!