Sep 23, 2010

MapQuest Continues to Open Up

We’ve added in some very cool new things to our beta Open project today – four things to be exact!

Today we added four new MapQuest sites powered by OpenStreetMap (OSM): Germany, Italy, Spain and France.  Once you arrive at the new sites – the map will default to the center of that particular country with the most popular language of that country.  For instance – click on this link to our new France OSM site and the map will be centered in France with the page wording in French.  However – you can always change the language setting to any other language of your choice – like I’ve described in an earlier blog post.

We’re also very happy to announce our newest MapQuest team member – Hurricane Coast – who has been in the OpenStreetMap community since 2008.  She’s part of the organizing committee for the State of the Map Conference and is a member of the OSM Communications Working Group.  She’s been very busy holding mapping parties and spreading the word about OSM in six countries on two continents.  Welcome, Hurricane!

And if that wasn’t enough – we’ve added in more features as well!  Click here to read Ant’s blog and learn more about these cool new features:

  • Improved searching
  • More sharing options
  • Draggable routes
  • Updated maps on the continent level map zoom levels

Stay tuned to our blogs as we continue to open up.