Sep 24, 2010

MapQuest 4 Mobile Position Icon Contest Winner Is…

[Insert Drum Roll Here]… And the winner is Robot!

After two full weeks of voting the new Position Icon for our MapQuest 4 Mobile app is the Robot icon. We have to say that at the end it was a very close race with the Fist Bump in the lead for most of the week. With all votes in, here is the final leader board.

We hope everyone had fun voting to customize the MapQuest 4 Mobile experience. For us, the customization of our app is one of our favorite features and so we thought why not let you help us make it better.

The Position Icon is one of the many customizable features in the MapQuest 4 Mobile app. The Position Icon is the image that represents you on the map and moves as you near your destination. If Robot wasn’t your first choice, don’t worry, you can import a photo or take a photo using your mobile phone camera and use that photo instead. Every journey can truly be your own.

So when will you be able to start using the Robot to represent you? Now that your votes are in, we are submitting the update to the Apple and Blackberry app stores, so keep checking back to our blog or Facebook page for the latest news on MapQuest 4 Mobile.

If you are wondering what other features make MapQuest 4 Mobile the best free turn-by-turn app for your mobile phone, stay tuned…